Monday, May 22, 2017

T Stands for OMGOSH!!!!

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Hello my dear T-day friends and followers.  Yes it has been a while since I did a T-day post and there are 100 reasons why.....LOL!  Some how April got extremely busy, then the first of May DH and I took 10 days and went back to Colorado for a family reunion.  We were there four days......thank goodness we took the trailer....nothing like your own bed.
The night before we left we went out to a very NICE dinner at the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield.  We had to go out and eat because I had let the fridge go empty, and only bought food for the trip! ( yes, I can be very sneaky)  The wine is mine and the beer is Bob's.

While we were waiting for the food to be served we took a "selfie"

Bob ordered the lobster..............

I ordered a supreme tasting steak..........then we shared...........and still brought food home!!

I have tons of photos of the trip and the places we saw coming home.  We took a different route home and saw some amazing country.........but all that will have to wait for another time............


 41 YEARS of "stuff" that has to be packed............... this is day 1

the living room......starting to stack back in the corner....

 the end of the sofa...............

the dinning room..........only the china cabinet is empty........we conquered that last night!! and boxes are stacked at the end of the fireplace.

No, our new house is not built yet, but I've done went and sold this one.........and THAT is how you get a new house! LOL!  The spare bedroom has boxes stacked all around the bed too!

One of my paint pals knew we were going to be wanting out of here, and said she would pay is........for  a house for her son (long story).  He needs to get out of his neighborhood badly.
The morning after we got home from our trip she calls and wants to know "how much?" Bob said "what we owe on it".....DONE!!!  
Her son put his house on the market and sold it in two in a 30 day escrow!!!!!
Holy Smokes......everything is moving at warp speed..........and I haven't found a place to live until the new house is built!  We are planning on renting a house for a year, then we can take our time with the building of the new house and not have to rush when it comes time to move into it.......and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to sell this one for what we owe against we are taking the money and running!!!
We are going to store all the stuff we won't be needing (I know why are we keeping it??) until the new house is built, I'm getting close on the "house" part......but then there is the garage......OMGOSH!! I get overwhelmed just thinking about "starting" out there....*grin*

So there ya have it!  I will try to check in once in awhile.....I will be taking breaks *grin* and will try to get return visits made........and maybe a post of two. .......maybe we shouldn't have waited until our late 60s to move................ROTFLOL!!!
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Sunday, May 14, 2017


SURPRISE!!! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, nor have I been sick or hurt.....just extremely busy this spring. We have had family here, spring birthdays, track meets, movies with my Paint Pals, painting with the Paint Pals, painting alone (when there is time) and a long over due vacation for DH and me.......even if it was for a family reunion and the list goes on and on! LOL!! I have tons of photos to share, but now I'm not really sure where to start ha!ha! I've missed sitting here making contact with all my friends, but I feel bad when I don't have the time to blog hop and return visits :((

All THAT being said I have to stop here and leave for our son's house for the Mother's Day BBQ.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

T stands Tuesday

 T stands for Tuesday
I'm late for the tea party over at Altered Book Lover, and almost didn't join them this week.  Time got away from me and I didn't start my post as early as I usually do, but as I went to refresh my coffee I grabbed my camera and took a drink photo, came back to my craft space .......and well, here I am.

Yesterday I started not one, but two paintings for my GD Hannah.  She had picked these two off Pinterest.....she is in the process of changing her room into more of a beach type decor, you can see the print outs of what they should look like when I'm finished. That is as far as I got before the tile contractor came to give me a bid on the flooring of our...yet to be built house. Since he just lives down the street, he dropped by on his way to work.  Then Hubby came home and we went to see a general contractor to get a bid from him.  I sure hope he isn't outrageous on his quote, we both really liked him and he has built with ICF blocks before.............but we aren't made of money, even though we have been saving for a long time.  But I have faith, and can't fret over these things, It will either happen or it won't.

The drawing of the crown of thorns I did while watching TV with Hubby last night.  I drew, and shaded it with pencil first, then went over it with Inktense watercolor pencil and a damp brush.  Easter has been on my mind......I know it's early, but it will be here in no time!!

While waiting for the paintings to dry (the sky parts) I was fooling around and made a logo for our Paint Pal group........still some finishing touches to do, then I'll scan it, and add Paint Pals words with Print Shop.  If the girls like it, I'll make it into a transfer for some shirts.

 Three daily journal/diary, my planner, and my Journal Bible.  I try to attend to all three of these early, every morning.  I just started with a planner, since I completely forgot to meet with friends for lunch one day, and now all these appointments with contractors.......sheeesh!  I'm getting to the point that if I don't write it down, I'd forget to brush my teeth....LOL!!!

I just discovered Bible way of Pinetrest.  It has been around for a number of years, and began in the UK, as is my understanding.  It makes for great devotional time and I get to mix all kinds of art with it.........what more could one ask for???  If anyone is interested in learning more about this let me know and I'll send you some links.

That's about it from here, my cup has just been re-filled, again......these large mugs are great but the coffee is cold about half way through, so I just keep adding hot to it.  Laundry is started, Hubby is not working this morning, so it feels like Saturday instead of Tuesday.  

Tomorrow I'm meeting the Paint Pals for lunch and a movie.  We have one theater that has a seniors day and only costs $4.00 (US) to get in and the lunch spot has a $5.00 (US) lunch special.  I HOPE to remember to take some photos.  We are going to see Beauty and the Beast and see what the hullabaloo is all about, before we take any of our grandchildren to see it.  Two weeks ago we went to see The Shack, and were amazed that there was so much controversy, but some churches, about it.  We ALL LOVED it!! A couple of us had read the book years ago.  

Then Thursday the Paint Pals will be it is stacking up to be a busy week.

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Have a great week!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Shopping Divas

Art Journal Journey still has the Out and About challenge going.......all the way to the end of the month. This month it is Yvonne ( Meggys Way) who chose the challenge,and it has caused quite a stir of creativity....but you have to check it out to see what I mean.

Today I am sharing my latest journal page.......guess I was day dreaming about shopping.  It is mostly acrylic paint, the background being a mop-up from finger painting flowers.  The image of the shoppers is from Art Impressions......I thought they were Park Avenue worthy. The highlights on the Park Avenue are  a metallic gold, but scanners just don't like to show anything shiny. :((

The weather has turned nice here, getting a little warm in the afternoons, but settling down to cool evenings and nights.  The kind of weather where you sleep with the windows open.....LOVE IT!  Although the temps nearly hit 90' (F) this week.....not Quite ready for THAT yet!  They are predicting cooler temps and possible rain again next week......March weather is so fickle!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Birthday Fish

This rainbow fish is full of birthday wishes for our grandson, who has been going fishing with his dad on the weekends.  He will be 4 years old next week, and loves to fish!!
The fish is really a fun watercolor technique, and I did it last summer with the GDs and we loved doing it.  I found it on You Tube, it's a painting for kids.......that would be me....LOL!  In short, it is very wet watercolor and blowing through a drinking straw.  The black is a sharpie.  I did use a good watercolor paper and then a glossy finish over the top.

Here is the inside, background paper was made the same way as the fish, all the letters were cut with the CriCut.   
When I'm finished here I will get it signed and popped into the mail.